Last Wednesday evening (April 20), in using the self-clean mode, the glass door inside the oven exploded, the door remained locked, and of course the oven was totally dysfunctional. I called ABW the next morning, and they arranged to have a crew come to us first thing Friday morning. Fortunately they were able to bring with them the replacement parts needed to get the oven up and running again.

Pedro and Felix arrived promptly at 8:00 on Friday morning, and within an hour had removed the broken parts, replaced them with the new parts, cleaned up all of the broken glass, and made sure the oven was working properly. Pedro and Felix were absolutely wonderful. In addition to knowing what they were doing, they were extremely professional, efficient, and relaxed, along with a bit of humor that really felt good given that we had been facing a broken oven with only a short time before the holiday of Passover was to begin, and with us expecting 14 guests on Friday evening for the holiday celebration. Whew!!

In sum, I was extremely impressed with your office and the way they addressed this problem so very quickly, and with the repair crew for the way they went about fixing the problem.

JohnathanMay 12, 2016