We Also Bought Three Other KitchenAid Appliances

I am writing to commend one of the technicians that I believe you supervise.   Dan S. has been to our home twice recently.  First to diagnose a problem with a handle on a new refrigerator.  Then today he returned to install a new handle.  Each time he has represented Appliance Builders Wholesale well. ( ABW Appliances )

Since we also bought three other KitchenAid appliances I had a few operating questions that needed clarifying.  Dan definitely appears to know the products well and was most helpful in all aspects of his appointment.  His communication skills were good, and his manner was very professional but friendly.  He performed the job, efficiently and neatly.  He was very respectful of our environment by having something to place his tools on and by wearing booties within the house. Dan is an employee to be proud of.  He certainly appears to take his job seriously.  I hope you can recognize him in some way!Regards,


B.C. | Silver Spring

B.C.ABW Appliances ServiceAugust 11, 2016