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We had a difficult problem that folks did not want tackle. The 16 year old (Thermador professional) range and grille needed to be converted from propane to natural gas – exactly opposite of what is usually needed. ABW service technicians came out, assessed the situation, ordered parts, returned and worked tirelessly to replace 11 parts (orifices) for the conversion. Along the way, the work required physically modifying a tool to fit tight spaces and heavy duty metal cutting to remove frozen parts. Thurman Miles (service tech) knowledge of the way gas is fed to grilles led to his making subtle adjustments for the repair – something that isn’t in the manual or available at on line customer service. This repair saved the high cost of a replacement range – thank you ABW – I cooked breakfast today and thank ABW for a great job!




A.N. form submission Service Division July 21, 2016