Come in and Check out our all New Samsung Displays – Featuring SAMSUNG’s New Chef Collection!

The new collection certainly doesn’t disappoint in the style department. The Samsung Chef Collection uses a stunning design: black stainless steel with glowing blue accents. Check out the many other Samsung Chef Collection WOW features!

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Samsung Chef Collection Dishwasher

This powerhouse is amazing. It puts you in the mind of a car wash with the powerful water jets that you can use two different ways: “Zone Boost” enabled or disabled. When enabled, it ignites 5 different spraying jets along with a water wall that powerfully rinses all access food from your dishes without using more water than your average run of the mill dishwasher. At the end of the cycle to accelerate drying time, the door pops open! I was sold at first sight! Who doesn’t love the blue light on the outside?

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Samsung Washing Machines and Dryers

Speaking of washers, have you ever forgotten that one sock lodged between the bed and the nightstand, or your child’s stain ridden jeans from rough-housing at recess? Fear laundry no more! With the always handy add-wash feature, Samsung doesn’t let us down. The washing machines are loaded with features like the smart home option. Smart home gives you the ability to add clothes to the machine and start the washing process from your mobile phone. Also, the time-saving Speed Wash option which allows you to complete a full load of laundry in just 30 minutes. These washers also come equipped with VRT Technology which means no loud thumping below the laundry room, and a forty wash cycle reminder to clean the drum which means fresh smelling clothes for years to come. The dryers aren’t lacking features either. With their stainless steel drum, smart home capabilities, and sensor dry this unit keeps up the competition with its counterpart.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 2.42.23 PMSamsung Chef Collection Refrigerator Is The New Family Hub

The last item but certainly not the least impressive in this collection (I can’t choose which one I love the most) the Refrigerator. The center of the kitchen. The icebox. I’m a tech queen so this couldn’t be more up my alley when it comes to functionality, design, features, and benefits, I’m in heaven with this unit. Instead of calling home to check and see if you have eggs this refrigerator will SHOW you! With 3 built-in cameras, a 21.5” WiFi-enabled LCD display this refrigerator will be your new BFF. You can play music, watch your favorite show while preparing for dinner, order groceries, integrate family members’ schedules, share photos and send messages from this refrigerator to your family’s phones. Ordering groceries has never been made easier with this added feature. High-end refrigeration features include five customizable temperature settings, a hinge reversible bottom right door,  and the option to use the bottom door as a refrigerator or freezer.  Yes, it includes a wine rack! This wine rack can be placed in one of 3 positions in the unit and your wine is kept at the perfect temperature using the controllable Flex Zone.

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Article submitted by Danielle Johnson, ABW Team Member

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