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Use a Vinegar Bath Solution to Reduce Soapy Buildup and Dirty Residue in Your Dishwasher

Do this once a month or as needed. This plus regular filter cleaning will help keep the grit and grime from sticking to your dishes. You will be happy with the results— a cleaner better performing dishwasher!

Steps: Cleaning Your Dishwasher Using a Vinegar Bath
  1. Fill a small bowl with 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar. We prefer using white vinegar.
  2. Put the bowl RIGHT SIDE UP on the lower rack in an empty dishwasher.  The bowl needs to stay upright so the vinegar can do its work. 
  3. Run the unit on the hottest/longest cycle available.

What Newer Dishwasher Models May Leave Behind

Newer model dishwashers use less water and spend more time in the washing action cycle. Sometimes this can result in a filmy buildup on the inside of the dish. You may recognize this as dried chalky soot. If you are seeing this it is time to follow the dishwasher vinegar bath solution steps above.

Dishwasher Slowing Down? Leaving Spots Behind? More Tips to Keep Your Dishwasher Cleaning Like a Champ

  • Clean your filter every week by pulling it out and washing it.
  • DON’T wash your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher! Modern dishwashers are designed to clean based on the soil level they detect in the washer.
  • DO scrape large food debris off of dishes before loading! This will prevent possible damage or back ups in your dishwashers drain.
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