The Basics of Kitchen Ventilation

  1. Turn On Ventilation
  2. Turn On Burner

It may sound silly, but a hood will only work if you turn it on.  And turn it on BEFORE you turn a burner on.  Think about this, if you have a fireplace, do you light the match first or open the flue first? Of course, you open the flue first. This is the same thought process in working ventilation in your kitchen. Having the ventilation turned on before cooking starts is the best way to enjoy your cooking.

Now that your ventilation is on you can adjust as needed. For most cooking, you can set the dial to low. When cooking fish, bacon, garlic or other strong aromatic foods adjust the dial to a higher setting. Remember to include your ventilation when bringing a pot of water to boil. No smells here, but steam is your worst enemy. Steam is a magnet for airborne particles.   They will look for the first cool place they can find. Have you seen their resting place on your adjacent cabinets and windows? To prevent this remember to turn on your ventilation before you turn on the burners.

Now that you finished cooking turn off the burners but leave the ventilation on. How long depends on what you cooked. If your cooking created steam turn of the ventilation after it has disappeared.  If your cooking created strong smells, you might want to leave it on for fifteen minutes or more. If the filters are doing their job, they are getting dirty with grease and such. So you need to clean them.  How often depends on your cooking.  Start with thirty days.  If they look clean, wash them anyway and then wait forty-five days until the next cleaning. If they look filthy you should adjust back to twenty days.

Ventilation is not only functional it can add beauty to your kitchen. The choice of style is yours. Visit our showrooms to find the perfect ventilation system for your kitchen. Choose from downdraft, updraft, and a host of materials including customization with Vent-A-Hood or Zephyr.

Submitted by Bruce Yaffe, Senior Appliance Consultant Silver Spring Showroom