Read more about the Viking Range TurboChef SpeedCook Oven. Some folks are calling it the world’s fastest oven. 

Viking TurboChef Brochure.

World’s Fastest Cooking Oven -Viking TurboChef Speed Cook Oven

You can become your family’s celebrity chef and save time in the kitchen using the futuristic TurboChef Speed Cook oven by Viking Range appliances. Viking Range Culinary Chef Joe Arvin demonstrated the TurboChef Oven in our Silver Spring Showroom. You may know Joe Arvin from Celebrity Chef, ABC The Taste, Cutthroat Kitchen, and as a cookbook author. Having Joe in our showroom was entertaining and delicious. While he was prepping, I was wondering what he was going to cook. On the counter, I saw uncooked: ribs, duck, meatloaf, chicken, salmon, pizza, and a menagerie of vegetables. Joe explained TurboChef’s patented Airspeed Technology. Air currents can cook food fifteen times faster than conventional cooking. Also, the oven comes with 500 predetermined cooking modes to take the guesswork out of recipes. Food prepared with the TurboChef oven delivers celebrity chef reliable results. Joe knows. He knows from the three days he spent trying out over 400 recipes in Viking’s test kitchen. Over these three days, Chef Joe Arvin attempted to break it, ruin recipes, and dispel the TurboChef claims. Instead, he discovered the oven delivered excellent results in record time. So, what did Chef Joe Arvin choose to cook?  He cooked everything on the kitchen counter in record time- 40 minutes for ribs, 180 seconds for pizza, and moments for the vegetables.

We don’t have leftovers to share. It was that good. We do have the TurboChef Speed Cook Oven. Imagine the convenience this can bring to your busy family. Imagine the time you will save cooking your families meals. The same technology restaurants use is the same technology  Turbo Chef oven uses.  Proven results that have been around a long time.  No more excuses. Turbochef Speed Cook oven gives even those the shortest on time the power to make home-cooked meals in minutes.

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