The idea for our Service Division started with a simple problem–we need to fix the appliances when they break.

It immediately became clear that having our clients call us, only to be passed a 1-800 number wasn’t a great way to finish the sale of their dream kitchen.  It left something to be desired, and didn’t portray that “luxury” experience that we want to provide our clients. 

ABW’s Service Division opened in 2008 to an alarming demand for quality in home service repair, but we wanted to provide more than that.  We wanted to be able to provide a calming voice over the phone that could offer advice and trouble shoot issues, or provide guidance if a client needed to contact the manufacturer in addition to the technician going out to get the job done.  Using the “ABW Way”, with true, honest hard work and dedication to set us above the standard service experience for the client.

In the years since the division started, the most important lesson that we have learned is that we are not there to fix the appliance.  Yes, technically, that is the goal, but it isn’t the first priority.  Our first priority is to fix the client.  While we can’t always change or modify the situation with our clients–like a dishwasher not working, or leaking, we can change the experience to get it fixed.

Showing how much our focus has changed, we invited our techs one morning this October for our usual early morning, bi-monthly meetings and took the opportunity to remind them who we are and what we are about.  Our showrooms are equipped with live culinary demo kitchens, so why not use that to cook up a gourmet breakfast before sending them out for the day?

And yes, that’s me, the CEO/Resident Appliance Nerd cooking and selling them on “The ABW Way”.  The formula is simple:  Good food, good energy and lessons on points that we have learned through the years. Interaction on this level is the most valuable practice a business owner can use to enhance the staff: role playing, quizzing the newer members of the team, reviewing policies and protection of work spaces to prevent damages during repair, and how to interact with clients and leave that elegant final touch.

ABW’s Service Division is the last impression we leave with our clients, and making sure it’s a positive one is our priority.  We don’t claim to know it all, or even get it right 100% of the time, but we do understand people and the importance of having a functioning appliance.  It’s through training like this, with the valued feedback of our clients we will continue to grow “The ABW Way”…one pancake at a time.