ABW Appliances Staff executive team members

Back in 1968, when ABW first started, there was zero concept of anything that even remotely resembles the internet that we know and love today. We had to rely solely on our caring customer service, attention to detail, and word of mouth.

Almost 50 years later, ABW has not only managed to maintain an extremely high reputation but do so while still keeping our family like atmosphere intact, growing into multiple showrooms across the DC Metro area that each share a unique story of luxury service that resonates as soon as you walk in. Our name has changed with the times too. Gone are the days when we were known as ABW Appliance Builders Wholesalers.  Now we are known as ABW Appliances A Better Way, available to homeowners and builders alike.

With the changing times, though, we knew that we had to adapt to a new era of digital and visual quality that matched the high standard of luxury that our products boast. In the new millennium, your online presence speaks volumes for your brand and is usually a prospective client’s first impression.

At ABW, we love to show that we do things “A Better Way” – so it’s only right that we approached our company rebrand with the mindset of being the best way to share our story with you on a daily basis.

Our new ABW logo is bolder, stronger and represents the modern quality that our products are known for. The red bar, the foundation, is followed by our belief statement – “A Better Way” – because it was important to our team that our mission was just as evident as our name.

The ABW showrooms are legendary for their quality and atmosphere – so we knew we had to bring those visuals online. We created an amazing visual experience by photographing hundreds of photos of each beautiful location, and sharing these visuals with the world on our brand new Showroom pages.

The brands that we carry are our lifeline. We only deal with the highest of luxury quality, and we work closely with each brand to make sure you have the best product. It was only right that we crafted beautiful Brand showcase pages, to help the user locate the brands they trust, and see what new products are in store.

We may not be movie stars, but we know that our brand has a particular story – so what better way to share that story than to film a video short that captured the ABW story. Over the span of a few days, across a few locations, ABW created an amazing brand video that we are excited to share- check it out here!

Our ABW family has been so excited about our company rebrand, and would love to hear what you think! We may share some of your feedback in our new blog, or send you a special invite to one of our upcoming events, which both have a home on our new website.

Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more details of our new revamp – we aren’t done yet! Tell us what you think!

Always looking for “A Better Way”,
Team ABW