Consumers always are interested in looking for ways to keep their appliances in good working order for as long as possible. When making a large investment, as the cost of a kitchen full of new appliances, it’s important to make sure that the product is maintained well to ensure a long working life.  Most brands will have instructions outlined specifically in their use and care manuals with specific tips and suggestions, but here are just a few general tips:

Keep it clean people!

There is nothing better than a consumer calling stating something isn’t working properly, and when arriving at the home we see the product is filthy — of course it’s not going to work well!!  Now, clean doesn’t constantly mean running the self-clean on your oven (I am not a fan of the self-clean function on ovens–but that is a topic for another day), but maintaining by wiping excess debris and making sure that grease isn’t building up on any surface can make a big difference in the life of a product.  Hood not working as well, or drips coming down the interior?  Clean those filters!  Does the washer smelling funky?  Wipe the inside gasket out with a towel with diluted bleach and run a clean cycle (or a short wash with just some bleach in the soap dispenser).  Is the oven suffering from baking shrapnel?  There are a million home remedies online that do not involve self-clean or harsh chemicals that can keep the interior shining like new.

Don’t put it off!

Just like with your health, if you suspect there may be something going wrong–there may be something going wrong–so have someone out to take a look at it.  Unit making a loud/grinding/strange noise that it hasn’t in the four years that you have owned it?  It could be simple, but it could be the sign or symptom of a much larger problem.  Consider–your refrigerator is making a noise (as a note–they are appliances, so they do make some noise while they are on–no matter how quiet–some noise is a good thing, a lot — not so much) so you put it off because you are busy, then one day open the door to find everything melted.  The cost of the repair itself may not change because it’s going to be the same problem either way–but now you are dealing with the loss of food and a huge inconvenience.

It’s got moving parts–it needs maintenance service!

With a car, you need to get regular oil changes, new tires, brakes etc. because over time and use these are items that wear down.  Appliances are the same!  Realize that just because the unit needs service, that doesn’t mean it’s flawed.  Hinges on oven doors are sturdy and made of metal, but if you use your oven a lot, years of opening and closing can result in the door not sealing well–so not only is heat escaping and the temperature affected–but the heat could flow into the control board and damage the delicate electronics–those are your tires–get them checked and changed.  Refrigerators are always on and always running–anything that is on 24-7 is going to need the occasional issue addressed.

Always Know Whom to Turn to For Service

As a consumer, there are a lot of responsibilities when it comes to ensuring your appliances are in good working condition. The most important responsibility is knowing a reputable service company to come out and look at your appliances if you do have issues.  Make sure that the company is a warranty authorized servicer for the product because that means they have had training, have access to technical support, and online lookups for wiring and parts.  Just because a company has 24-hour service or cheaper rates–that doesn’t mean they are the best qualified for the job.  Appliance Builders Wholesalers is a warranty authorized servicer for a majority of brands that we sell–receiving frequent training from our vendors to make sure that we are up to date on the latest information when it comes to servicing your appliances.  Our team is there to work diligently to make sure that we can “Keep you cooking” long after the warranty period expires on your appliances.