Decades ago, an immigrant in search of a better life for his family rented a small space in the heart of Silver Spring, in an industrial park. His dream became his son’s, almost ending before it began in the early days, before passing on to the next generation of visionaries growing ABW beyond anything its humble beginnings could ever imagine.

8834 Monard Drive went from being ABW’s storefront, to warehouse, to Showroom, back to warehouse then finally office space until leaving ABW’s possession in 2018.

In the last 10 years in particular, ABW has been immensely lucky. Through hard work and community support ABW has grown from a small 15 person operation in a dimly lit Showroom on Monard, to a 5 location force spanning across Maryland and Virginia. Now we’re expanding even further, into a new headquarters in Jessup. It’s with both sadness and pride that we must now leave this piece of history behind.

It is the birthplace of our “Taste of Luxury” showroom and origin of CEO Juan Caripa’s concept that when a client is buying the kitchen of their dreams, just like with a luxury car, they should be able to test drive their cooking experience.

Part of our history as a group lies in these walls as well. For me, it represents taking a gamble on an opportunity to leave the corporate world and help grow something from the bottom up with one simple idea: good service and honest business will keep clients for life. It was our first Showroom grand opening, the first of many, with a party that lives in infamy to this day. It’s where our first Chopped for Charity was held. It’s the beginning not just of ABW’s story, but for our staff, it’s the start of their story: how they bought their first new cars, new houses, had their first babies, and now we watch those babies grow and go to college and get houses of their own.

It was the heart of who we are today…it’s where we were born.

But not unlike when a child grows up and must leave its parents to develop and become their own person, ABW must also move to a space where it can continue to expand, offer more opportunities and enhance the lives of all of its teams in a larger state of the art facility.

So thank you, Monard, for the memories…Your walls (and at times parking lot) will live forever in our hearts as the place where dreams really can come true.

Brooke Chandler, General Manager