Benefits of Front Load Washers

Front loading washers have had some wonderful advances in technology involving cycle specification and cleaning capabilities. Here are some of the reasons for choosing a front loading machine:

  • Space: if you have a limited area for laundry, front load laundry is able to be stacked, saving extra space for your laundry area!
  • Energy consumption: Front loading washers work on the same principles of dishwashers: more time and action, less water and resources, reducing overall energy consumption.
  • Better wash circulation: Tests indicate that in a front-loading machine, items are cycled through much quicker, resulting in clothes coming out cleaner and have a better ability to address stubborn stains.
  • Better Fabric Care : Because the clothing is “tossed” and not “pulled” it will result in lengthening the life and condition of your clothes.  You can see the results in the amount of lint that is produced when drying!

While there are features and benefits to every brand and model, hopefully these tips will make the selection process a little bit easier!