5 Steps to Keep Your Front Load Washing Machine As Good As New 

1. After the cycle is complete, pull the soap dispenser out and allow to air dry.

2. Monthly, pull the soap dispenser all the way out and clean it. Wipe the soap dispenser cavity dry to prevent mold/moisture build up. Check if your brand allows for the soap dispenser to be dishwasher cleaned.

3. Most models come with a clean feature. Run the clean cycle  monthly. Use store bought cleaner—or use vinegar in the detergent cavity—it’s inexpensive and simple!  Select clean cycle and press start!

4. After your monthly clean cycle, take a towel with mild detergent and wipe the inside lining of the gasket. This step prevents build up. Also, it will pick up any excess animal hair or other debris that can get generated during the wash cycle.

5. Always leave the door ajar—several inches!  This continues airflow through the unit and prevents stagnant air/smells.

Selecting the right washer for you and your family can be a difficult decision and can require some maintenance and upkeep for optimal performance. Learn more on the benefits of front-loading laundry