A few weeks ago, ABW launched it’s first ever Fresh Friday, a smoothie bar opened in the lobby of our new, stunning HQ, allowing staff to chose from healthy fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables to create their own custom snack on us.  The sense of pride in being able to provide this perk to our hard working team is hard to convey, as it’s something that has been in the works for a long time.

In our humble beginnings the all consuming “search for lunch” started around 10:30am, where arguments were regularly had over location, who was picking up, and who would be the one to organize the money—and usually, the food selected was less than desirable for anyone who was watching their waist (or their wallet).  When ABW started to grow, a committee was formed called “The Quality of Life Committee”, because as a company, we acknowledge that there are sacrifices that have to be made for success, both by our staff and their families, and we wanted to ensure that those late nights and extra efforts didn’t go unnoticed.  The launch of the first annual ABW Family Appreciation Day at King’s Dominion was a huge success, and has been a part of our annual calendar since.  During these committee meetings, executives for the company had often discussed an in-house grocery program that would offer healthy snacks and food for staff at cost-level prices to ensure that our staff was able to eat well “on the fly”.  But how to execute a program like this, when all together staff was spread across 7 different locations?

This is why the dream of having a space where ABW could house all branches and divisions of the company has been so impactful on the teams. Sharing knowledge, experience and lunch with each other helps to build a strong inner-office community.  And while we are not currently able to execute the grocery program yet (it is coming!) ABW is so inspired to be able to give our teams a small weekly thank you and let them know that they matter.

Without “U” there is no “Us”


Brooke Chandler