To ABW, our charity events are the proverbial icing on the cake of doing business.

Our event beginnings were small endeavors to say the least. A small tidy $250 to build supplies to set up a cheering station for breast cancer walks. Not a direct donation, but support of a worthy cause, as well as being able to get involved and meet other members of our community all while being able to get our company name out and about in a positive light. Due to internal growth, the budget for our charitable events was also able to expand over time. Little bits here and there: support staff that had passion projects they were involved in, and other community involvement was wonderful, but left us longing for more. We wanted to give back to our community on a larger scale The ABW Way.

Were we on the right track? Our suspicions were confirmed in 2015 when we met the team Bake My Day, and their special guest, Kyle. An exceptional young man, who had a devastating diagnosis of cancer, and was currently undergoing a rigorous treatment process. The electricity in the room that night was nothing short of magical. The judges announced a tie between Bake My Day and Case Design. Case Design announced they wanted to donate their half of the prize to Bake My Day, Kyle’s team who was competing on behalf of Children’s National Oncology Program. By the end of the night almost $10,000 had been raised for Children’s National. The best part of that magic, though, was that we got to share what we already knew and felt with so many other people: doing something to make a difference, being a part of something true and good, is in itself the best medicine there is for your soul.

Still, that left us longing for more…

Enter the idea to have a “Sister” event, so to speak, that would mirror the set up of the cookie challenge, but instead, make cupcakes! By doing so, we give a whole other group of people the opportunity to share their passion for baking, as well as their worthy causes…and let’s face it…Who doesn’t love to eat cupcakes?

As we embark upon this first annual event, we have learned many lessons, and we know one thing: There is nothing sweeter than being able to not only be a part of something that is bigger than you are but being able to make a difference for someone else.


( ABW’s next charity cooking challenge, Chopped for Charity Celebrity Edition, will be  September 22, 2016 )

“All you need is love…but a cupcake would be nice too”

Check out the video from Cupcake Wars 2016!

Image of winning cupcake here.