I don’t cook. That’s not entirely true; I don’t cook well.

There I said it, now you all know.  I have been hiding this secret for a very long time. Most would assume that since I have a career in the appliance industry I should have a passion for culinary perfection, but no, I can’t say that I do.

So then I must enjoy cooking you ask? Not really, not even a little bit.

Hmmm, well obviously I want to learn, don’t I?  Well, not so much, but my family wishes I would. I’m pretty sure they have had their fill of “Taco Tuesdays” and “Baked Ziti Surprise”.

My parents didn’t cook for pleasure, their parents didn’t cook for pleasure, and so for the entirety of my upbringing making meals was a chore, something that just had to be done.  And while I would  love to say I am breaking the cycle, I fear I may be to blame for the boring dinners in my children’s’ children’s futures.

I do have a point and I promise you it’s a good one; I will get to it quickly before you lose complete confidence in me as your expert appliance consultant.

I LOVE beautiful kitchens with crisp white cabinets, dark hardwood floors and stunning sparkling appliances. I love setting a dining table with beautiful chinaware, flowers and linens. I’ve always wanted to own a collection of colorful Le Cruset cookware but I haven’t been able to justify the cost since it would be just for show.

I relate to my clients who care more about the beauty and ease of cleaning appliances then most anything else.   Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate the importance of high BTU’s  and low simmer, consistent oven temperatures, and utilizing convection for all that it can be used for.  I am well educated on the brands we carry and can answer my clients questions with the utmost confidence.  I am passionate about assisting our clients in achieving the kitchen of their dreams. I have found that every client has a different interpretation of a dream kitchen; there is no right or wrong. Up until I sat down to write this, only a select few know this about me, all because I was horrified to admit it.

In addition to aesthetics, these appliances offer many features that are important to me.  Lightning speed boiling water makes me happy; the amazingly fast clean up of an induction cooktop makes me downright giddy.

The most exciting, life-changing feature I have come across are those magic buttons that I can push and right before my eyes I have a 3 course dinner prepared for my family with perfect results. 

Look at this beautiful vanilla custard, topped with blackberry sauce. I made this!

Whoa, wait a minute….magic buttons?  3 course meal?  perfect results?  You may think I’m joking or making false promises, that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is….

Allow me to introduce you to my favorite kitchen appliance: the Miele Combi-Steam oven. When I told my kids what I made with this oven they didn’t believe me, and I can’t say I blame them.

It is without a doubt a game changer, a home run, the Superbowl ring of ovens. It steams! It boils! It bakes it broils! No watching over the pot. No more overcooking your rice.  No more gray broccoli! You want a perfect, medium-rare beef tenderloin? it would be my pleasure! You can see the challah bread above…does that look like someone’s first attempt at ever making bread? Well it was; and the custard was so simple!

(Another confession…whenever I host a dinner party I will buy two pieces of tenderloin just in case I ruin the first one.)  And when you combine the two functions  together…get ready to be amazed!

Fish is never dried out and finishes with a beautiful caramelized exterior. Meats are browned to perfection without sacrificing the perfect temperature. Brownies have a thin layer of crisp on top and a divine gooey middle.

There’s more, much much more!

The pièce de résistance is the Master Chef  “Menu Cooking” program.  Cook a complete 3 course meal in one oven at the same time. Choose foods from an abundance of categories, select the desired doneness and the menu program automatically determines temperature, oven function (steam/oven/both) cooking duration and the sequence of adding food.

Cook fish, vegetables and rice simultaneously. No, your asparagus will not taste like salmon, I promise!

The best part: the program alerts you when it’s time to add an item and when an item is completed.  No guessing, no constant checking, and NO overdone, dried out dinners.

I’d would love nothing more than to say, “See you later Taco Tuesday, we’re dropping you from the meal rotation for now, don’t take it personally! Hello gourmet masterpieces!”

I just need to buy one first and someday soon I will be a Master Chef (and one step closer to justifying a piece of Le Cruset!)

Coming soon….

For the Love of Laundry.