This Saturday, September 23rd, ABW will host its fifth Annual Chopped for Charity tournament.
2017 has brought a lot of changes both to ABW and the world as a whole. There are so many causes for need today that it is often hard to determine where funds would be needed or used most effectively.

That is what makes this event unique, the chefs competing select the charity that will benefit should they win, and 75% of the night’s proceeds will go to that charity. The other 25% is going to be distributed amount some approved charities benefiting the recent hurricanes and natural disasters here in the US. The competition will be set up similarly to Food Network’s Chopped Challenge, where 4 chefs will compete in 3 different round of 4 mystery ingredients, under a time limit. Each chef must use all the items in the basket, or they could be Chopped!! The chefs will be judged on presentation, taste, and originality, resulting in a score to select the winner.

In the spirit of expanding our horizons, this year ABW has also partnered with several local, fresh, farm to table resources for meats, cheeses, and beer. The food will be prepared by ABW’s culinary interns, teen-aged children of ABW employees that will help design and execute the food for the guests of the event.

The only fee we are asking is a $20 donation at the door, that will go to the proceeds for the winner. Last year, we came in at $10,000 total. This year, we’d like to break that number! Please see the links for the charities that will be represented!

We hope to see you there!