Yesterday, March 21st, ABW Appliances kicked off our Got Grilled Tour by bringing four, top of the line grills to Chick Landscaping’s front door. In the freezing rain, ABW team members and Chick Landscaping Employees huddled around the warmth of the grills to talk about the different benefits of each product, including Alfresco, Coyote, Artisan, and Lynx. Chick Landscaping got to taste the difference a grill can make with a full buffet prepared by Chef Chris on the grills right in front of them!

It may have been a nasty day outside, but everything was brighter in the glow of a grill, and with a belly full of flatbread pizza, steak skewers, fish tacos, and sweet grilled pineapple.

The Tour continues the next few weeks, so look forward to more pictures of ABW’s Got Grilled!