On a rainy, muggy Wednesday night, ABW hosted an exclusive launch party for Dacor’s newest collection: The Modernist line. The invite only affair brought together local designers and builders to showcase  highlights from Dacor’s new innovative appliance catalog.  Guests entered with an umbrella escort to the red carpet where they were greeted with champagne and a smile.  Next stop, en route to the refrigeration, ABW in partnership with Dacor displayed a new Samsung 55” TV, an ABW backdrop, and a contest:  The best picture posted on social media with #ABWunleashedDacor would win the stunning new television!

With it’s sleek interior design and lighting, and graphite stainless exterior, the refrigerator columns were first for the guests to tour.  Dacor’s Regional Technical Manager Gary Rogers educated clients on the versatility and features available for all refrigeration in this new line.  Ranging from the “push to open” feature for when your hands are full, to the new and improved technology allowing consumers to utilize cameras in the unit to always know if they have enough milk or butter, to the innovation of offering both regular and cocktail ice for the consumer who likes to entertain and make sure their adult beverages are not watered down, they represent some of the best features in appliances today.

Next on the agenda, guests were directed to enter ABW’s “Culinary Experience Center”, where Dacor is prominently featured in the first display.  While dining on fajita steak, kale salad and chocolate covered strawberries infused with raspberry liqueur, guests became acquainted with  Modernist’s cooking line via induction cooktop, double oven and range.  Dacor’s Regional Sales Manager, Robert Grogan, took the helm on laying out the key features and versatility this line offers. With it’s ultra-contemporary look, stainless, cleanable mesh filters for convection cooking (preventing “food flavor transfer”) and LCD control panel with connectivity allowing users to start their oven when they are still shopping for their ingredients, the modernist range appeals to the next generation of chefs.

After all of the guests were able to enjoy everything that Dacor and ABW has to offer, Dacor generously raffled several gift cards to attendees ending the evening on a high note.  The next day, after all of the #ABWunleashesDacor entries on Facebook and Instagram were reviewed, the winner was selected: Gruver Cooley Interiors would take home the 55” TV!   A picture featuring Cathleen being wowed by the Modernist wall oven and enough # to build a small city was the hands down favorite with the judges!!  We appreciate everyone’s participation and personal flair for those who submitted entries!

ABW would like to sincerely thank all of our trade partners for not only attending the event, but continued support through mutually beneficially partnering in business and events.  ABW is proud of it’s local, grass roots, underdog story, and relies on other local trade that know the same challenges of running a small business in the DC Metro market to have continued success.


Brooke Chandler