Tuesday morning a few members of the executive team stepped in the Bright and Early to show our appreciation to our Field Crew before they branched out for the day.

After all the long hours that the team members have constantly put in to be sure that clients needs are always met, we wanted to show our appreciation! The staff was gifted with a Turkey, Hot donuts from Krispy Kream and coffee.

Our CEO, Juan Caripa, and VP, Ryan Simon (pictured above) gave a quick speech commending the staff’s overachievement when it comes to the physical end of ABW Appliances. Quality of Life is key when it comes to our staff and we hope that with the Holidays Season ahead that both our team and clients feel that we are continuing to create A Better World!

Once again, we want to give a huge thank you to our Field Crew, without you all’s early mornings and late nights ABW just may be in a Turkey! ^__^