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 Executive Chef Sponsor

Chef Michael Voltaggio 

DCCK Capital Food Fight

DCCK Capital Food Fight

[Egger’s] idea for a ‘central kitchen’ involved picking up wasted food (which people said was unwise), turning it into balanced meals for shelters and nonprofits (which people said was unsustainable), and using that process to train jobless adults in the culinary arts (which people said was impossible). These concepts weren’t just possible. They were ahead of the curve. After turning the soup kitchen model on its head, Robert became an early adopter of ‘social enterprise’ and started hiring DC Central Kitchen culinary graduates to staff revenue-generating contracts in 1996.

So where does ABW come in? Well this year we were lucky enough to be Executive Chef Sponsors for DC Central Kitchen’s 13th Annual Capital Food Fight, which draws over 1000 guests to taste samples from over 75 DC Area restaurants while 4 local chefs compete in a live cooking competition on the stage. You may have noticed our logo on the stage, or visited our Mobile Cafe for some espresso in the Speakeasy. We can’t tell you how proud we are to have watched such talented chefs compete using our appliances. It goes without saying that ABW prides itself in maintaining its core values as we continue to grow. Part of “the ABW way” is giving back to charity, and this year’s Capital Food Fight raised $694,000 for DC Central Kitchen. We could not be more pleased to have been a part of it, and look forward to supporting DC Central Kitchen in future endeavors!

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